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Hair Transplant Scar Camouflage and Scar Camouflage

Skin imperfections from surgeries or other bodily injuries (including burns) can be easily camouflaged by micropigmentation's ability to break up the scar tissue and color it to better match your natural skin tone. Not only can surgical scars be treated in this manner but also injury scars and hair transplant scars.

Take a look at the photos below of real people just like you who have experienced the "magic" of micropigmentation to hide their scars.

Hair Transplant Scar Camouflage Client Results
Before: Scar from a hair transplant harvesting area.

Three Years Later: It is nearly impossible to see the scar. Using the Whitney Center's stiple effect, the scar was blended away. You can see the long term results are miraculous.

Before: Scar from a harvesting area done for a hair transplant.

After: As close to perfection as possible.

Before: This gentleman scars that were very visible from a hair transplant.

After 30 Days: The scars are significantly less noticeable and the client was very pleased.

Before: This gentleman exhibited the typical scars from former harvesting.

After: Typical scarring is almost an invisible line thanks to Melany's artistry for scar camouflage.

After: Several months post "perfecting" session showing remarkable coverage of scar area. (Sorry no before picture available.)

Before: Scar from a harvesting area done for a hair transplant.

After: Three months later, totally healed from two layer procedure of implanting permanent cosmetic pigment to camouflage the scar area. The area is now nearly invisible.

Before: Scar from a harvesting area done for a hair transplant is very visible.

Immediately After: Not only can the Whitney Center camoflage scars, but change the hairline by adding color pigment below the previous scar area.

One Year later: The scar is almost invisible.

Before: For those men that have chosen transplant as a way of filling in sparse areas, the areas that have been used for harvesting, can still remain thin and scarred.

Before: Another area of blending pre procedure.

After: An almost undetectable harvesting area after our expert artistically blends in all areas.

After: Post procedure.

Before: This gentleman exhibited the typical scars from former harvesting

After: Three weeks post first permanent cosmetic implantation, results show a remarkable result. Second layer will provide the "perfecting" session.

Before: Pre procedure.

Healed: One month later a great match!

Post Perfecting: A little red-right after the perfecting session, the scar is undetectable.

Surgery and Injury Scar Camouflage Client Results
Before: Client had a noticeable scar that was very difficult to conceal.

After:Immediately post procedure, camouflage is complete and the scar nearly invisible.

Before: Scars are the skin’s response to trauma. We see many forms of scars each day at The Center. This one was due to the removal of a growth within the sideburn.

After:Immediately post procedure, although still “red,” one can see a dramatic improvement.

Before: Men that have scars in their beard area are quite common. They can be quite distracting.

After: Through careful and skillful placement, the simulation of that “five o’clock shadow” can be achieved by Melany.

Before: A cleft palate restored by surgery.

After: Melany's unique artistry camouflages the surgery scar completing the transformation for the client.

Surgery scars can be camouflaged with success as seen in the following pictures of pre and post procedures.

Please note that the Whitney Center does not work on clients that have vitiligo, since implanted color will disappear within a few months of procedure. Additionally, we do not work on any kind of stretch mark. Striated skin does not accept color evenly.

Joan Freedman - Clinical Director
New York, NY & New Jersey · (551) 804-9245

Melany Whitney CPCP FAAM
South Florida · (561) 417-6400
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